What a day.

Much appreciation needs to be given to the good Lord above.

I would catch myself time after time worrying, once I reached and took care of one hurtle there was another and each one awoken me more and more, to the point where I moved by faith rather than my bonehead self. It took me to a place where I let go of the I can do it all by myself attitude to let me go where God needs and wants me. It really helped me to stop focusing on the “what if” and more so on the purpose itself. Each time we take that leap of faith we grow more, spiraling away from the world but go forward- entering into a blissful life.

All I can say is use all the time you can to regain focus on yourself and the purpose.


Over here, over there. 

Battling myself 
Pulled in every direction 
Now when I hear, “what would you like to do?” 
Leave the question with a question… 
“Anything, What do you want to do?” 
Can’t decide. Ensuring all are happy. 

Not knowing what I’m doing to myself. 


Pure. Hearted. 
Battling myself
Pulled between doing right and wrong. 

Investing too much time in my head. 

Watering “things” constantly and leaving myself DRY. 
Lately- crying inside when people speak. Trying to understand where they got it bad when every word out their mouth is a complaint. Hmm listen and nod? 

Therefore crying on the inside for our sorrows. 
Much more to be happy for. 
Let the war be over. Let the mind have rest. 
Journey. Will continue in gratitude. 



I thought I was what someone would describe an alien as. 


Its well deserved for anyone who’s spent more than three months with the person… for most nowadays it is about less than a month, my theory: therefore getting over that person in the same length of time if not less. Anyhow… sometimes we really don’t know why we part from someone we’ve spent a lot of planned out time with. Needless to say it really shouldn’t matter because humans change and adapt all the time but most will always appreciate the closure for their little heart. When avoiding that part may leave the person with hope or chance of the person changing thier mind, when in fact doest factor in their mind just intentions for their advantage if they don’t want to end the night alone. My eyes are open to all aspects of what could possibly enter the mind of both persons, and still selfishness is the biggest factor as to why this doesn’t work out. But not to worry that is where love comes in and love is the creator of it all. 

I formed an opinion by the situation I was given. 


Stranger things are happening. 

I’ve formed into society and I don’t like it. 

Stepping back I analyze what’s around me and can’t help but feel empty.

Something isn’t right and am I the only one who can see? We are all forming into a mindset of carefree do whatever we want attack on ourselves. Its much more then doing what we see someone else doing, its forming into what people want us to be, act, think… if we are a thing else then we are written off as the one going through some stuff, trying to figure it out. But I say, I have nothing to figure out, I want no part in your conforming lifestyle. 

Keep it simple. 


I want to feel love

I want to touch love 

At the end of the day 

I want love. 




We are given a new day. We can either better ourselves or go about our day with the same emotions as the last. I find myself doing both from time to time. I wanna run free and let adulting go but of course reality sneaks in. I don’t know how I can or how I cannot at times! It’s neverending going back and forth with myself. With each new day presented to me, I can either do the norm and work a 9 hr day or say goodbye to reality and call it a night.